Marina Ekroos



Marina Ekroos is a freelance photographer and photo retoucher who loves to capture beauty of life and tell stories that inspire. In her personal projects her method is to deconstruct objects, concepts and ideas into one frame stories.

Currently Marina is a co-founder at Frameright. Frameright is a software and service solution that makes it possible to control how images are published in multiplatform environments. Her mission is to create better tools for visual culture.

She has a master’s degree in visual journalism from the University of Tampere and a bachelor’s degree in social history from the University of Helsinki. Her master’s thesis (2015) focused on the use of visual presentations, photographs and videos in fashion magazines published on tablet platforms.

One of her major works has been the Visual Recipes series, which depicts recipes in detailed process images. The project has been published as a book in 2012, selected to the Young Artists 2013 exhibition and was one of the Fotofinlandia 2014 nominees.

She was led to photography through curiosity and passion for visual story telling.

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